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Chocolate Chip Mint Truffle

Mint Chocolate Ice cream with a fudge center inside of a dark chocolate shell, with an extra dark chocolate drizzle 

Amaretto Truffle

Amaretto ice cream rolled in almonds and chocolate chips 


Pistachio Truffle

Pistachio ice cream encrusted in white chocolate with green drizzle 

Cookies & Cream Truffle

Cookies and Cream Ice Cream encrusted in Dark Chocolate and Drizzle 

Manhattan Truffle

Vanilla & Chocolate ice cream with a crushed almond and cherry center.  Covered with dark chocolate

Spumoni  Truffle

A perfect combination of rum, chocolate hazelnut, strawberry & pistachio ice cream drenched in dark chocolate


Vanilla & Chocolate ice cream stack with raspberry and crushed almond center.  Covered with fine chocolate


Pastry shells stuffed with a sweetened filling of whipped ricotta

Cheese Cake

Traditional graham crust and rich creamy filling all baked to perfection.